I'm Eden Gold, and Welcome to my Story


I was a fun-loving girl with a big heart, yet I often questioned,"why is this happening to me." It was​n't until many years later that I found my answers...

 Born in Honolulu, Hawaii, Eden was born into a military family which then brought her to Georgia at the age of 2, and then to California with her mother and sister when her parents separated. Eden thought her entire life that she'd grow up to be a veterinarian due to her endless love for animals, however after her second year of community college, and changing her major a couple of times, she ultimately came to the decision to discontinue her college journey, and pursue getting her Health Coaching License at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. 

At the age of 10, Eden's life slowly began to change when her father got arrested. Living through this very developmental part of her early life, while having her father no longer being in her life the way she wanted, she often felt very vulnerable and insecure growing up.

"Not having my dad around may very well have been a contribution to my feeling so vulnerable and lost at times growing up, and although I had an incredibly loving mother, I found my middle and early high school years hard to deal with at times when I felt as though I didn't fit in with most crowds," Eden wrote.

Eden was quickly conditioned with the idea that she was not good enough - mentally, emotionally, and sadly, physically. This ultimately lead to an eating disorder that so dauntingly took over her life for 6 years, to the point where she could no longer stand in the eyes of food without her inner bully kicking in saying things like, "that will make you fat, don't eat it"to "you are ugly," or "you are too fat." The list goes on...

Her spirit was shot time and time again as she kept this secret from everyone around.

"I went through phases of not caring at all, for I thought the way I looked physically was far more important than my relationship to food and my body, to phases of trying to heal myself, failing, and beating myself up."

As we all may experience a time in our lives when we feel we have hit "rock bottom," or are truly ready for change, Eden began educating herself on the psychology of food addiction, eating disorders, and and building self confidence. Over time, her love and desire to learn what true health felt like physically, mentally and emotionally, Eden experimented with many different dietary and lifestyle approaches, along with regularly practicing self-care rituals in her daily routine.

Her years of hating herself in every way slowly began to change as her passion to heal her body, mind and spirit grew. During this journey, she discovered the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, an Integrative Health Coaching in which she enrolled to learn exactly how she could use her experience to help other people who are struggling with insecurities and self confidence.

Her passion for helping individuals reach their optimal level of

health through knowledge, holistic lifestyle practices and diet became undeniable as she learned what true health felt like, through the power of self-love and habit creation.

Having recovered herself from her own struggles with body image, self-love, and tormenting thoughts for many years that ultimately lead to an eating disorder, Eden has a goal to help as many people as physically possible who are struggling with their own physical, mental and emotional health.

"You're never alone, no matter how much you may feel you are. Someone out there knows what you're going through. Someone out there hear's you, your pain and your story.

I hear you."

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"Each decision you make is a ripple of energy that you send out, that eventually makes its way back to you." 

- Kaylyn Nicholson