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Gen Z's are reported to be the loneliest generation out of all of them

With 2/3 of them feeling shy, feeling like others don't understand them, and feeling like those around them are absent. Teens don't always open up in the ways that we wish they did. However, it is entirely possible to help them feel comfortable in talking with us about the things that they are going through.

Less than half of high school students feel positively about college and career readiness

We learn so much in our High School years that helps set us up for success after High School. However, there are many life skills that students often feel unprepared for. Some of these may include job hunting, networking, mental health as it pertains to being social and putting yourself out there, and more. 

7/10 students ages 13-17 have named anxiety or depression as a major problem amongst peers in the community

So what can we do about this? We can normalize discussions surrounding mental health. Eden is a firm believer that every students voice matters, and that in cultivating a space that makes them feel comfortable opening up, we can tackle a lot of these issues.

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Presentation: Students

Life After High School

Life in High School is dedicated to helping students that are nearing graduation navigate both the messy and the magical parts of life after graduation. Although an amazing time to learn independence, collaboration and positive skills that will benefit students for the rest of their lives, heading into college/work life will also throw a lot of hurdles their way that will challenge them physically, mentally, and emotionally. It's important to have a toolbox of skills and practices that they can use during the harder times in life, to help them thrive in their personal, professional and social lives.


Similarly, this is an amazing conversation for returning students to help them learn new vital skillsets and continue their college journeys while nurturing their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. As a result of this presentation backed with science and research, students feel more motivated to engage in the classroom, motivated to speak up when things aren't right, and inspired about their futures.


What's Covered:

1. Navigating Toxic VS Healthy Relationships

2. How to effectively cope with negative emotions

3. Best practices to be successful in the classroom and in professional endeavors

4. Taking care of your mind and body through movement and nutrition

Workshop: For Students

5 Pillars Of Building Self Confidence

In this interactive workshop that can take place via zoom or in person, students will begin to unlock a deeper level of self awareness of their thoughts, actions and emotions. Eden will introucd

Eden's goal is to show students that they are never alone in the way that they, and that there are always people who understand what it is that they are going through, and want to be there for them. With simple and proven methods, Eden shows her audience that they have everything inside of them, to love themselves through life's hardships.

As a result of building self confidence, students are better able to make safe and informed decisions, and they are more likely to be positive, engaged and enthusiastic which can have a drastic impact on their school and academic experience for both educators, and the students themselves.

5 Pillars:

1. Self Awareness & Self Acceptance

2. Coping with Negative Emotions

3. Cultivating Healthy Relationships while Staying Safe

4. Building Healthy Self Esteem

5. Connecting the Dots

Eden Has Spoken At:

On top of speaking at multiple High Schools and Colleges both in person and virtually, Eden has been featured on; Mental Insights Podcast, Marketer of the Day Podcast, as well as spoken at events such as Nurture Her in Fiji as a guest to Catherine Hoke, founder of Hustle 2.0, Jumpstart your Biz Coach Katrina Sawa’s Meetup Group, and Tehachapi State Prison.


"When Eden speaks, she motivates and really brings in basic tools that are easy to understand and apply. As a person who books speakers, I really respect Eden, and I'm recommending her as a person that really knows how to show up with what she says, and what she does."

Rhonda Liebig

Founder of the "Fresh Inspiration Show" and event planner

Eden Gold is just an incredible human being! With passion, excitement, leadership, motivation, organization and clarity, she has all these aspects you want in someone leading you. So if you are thinking about working with Eden Gold. DON’T THINK ABOUT IT! Work with her.

Genesis Vaquero

Digital Marketing Coordinator, Youth Motivational Speaker